Pronto 2 codec Numeris ISDN


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The Prodys Pronto range of ISDN codecs with integral terminal adapters are designed to make audio connections via ISDN to equipment using most of the commonly used standards (with the exception of apt-X), in many cases avoiding the need for several separate units.

Front-panel controls allow configuration of the units and protocol selection, as well as configuration and connection for the terminal adapter, and include a sixteen character by two line LCD display. All units are rack-mounting (1U), have two-channel (dual mono or stereo) XLR analogue and AES/EBU digital audio inputs and outputs. and support G711(allowing them to be used as dual, high quality telephone hybrids, G722, and MPEG (layer II for Pronto 2 and layers II & III for Pronto 3) coding. Pronto 3 also has improved audio converters, handling a maximum signal level up to +22dBu.

An RJ11 connector on the front panel allows a standard analogue telephone to be used for dialling and remote control (using DTMF tones) and also as an alternative audio input/output in G711/G722 modes (e.g. for sports reports or talkback). A 15-pin D-sub port is also provided to allow remote configuration and call management by a PC or dedicated remote terminal.